Online Sales Manager

Do you want to be an "Online Sales Manager" of the furniture and home interior sector? BOSS4SME will enable you through 42 training pills to be a professional capable of creating e-commerce strategies that increase cross-border sales using internet as a sales channel.


Are you from an e-Commerce oriented furniture and household SME? On BOSS4SME platform, you will find valuable information that will help you increase your revenue from online sales.

How to’s

Do you face difficulties finding information about e-Commerce for the furniture and household sector? BOSS4SME training system offers 42 training pills suited to your needs.


Expand and retain customer base, learn about the e-Commerce Dos & Don'ts in the furniture and household sector, thus eliminating potential risks, gaining competitiveness in a Web-driven world and more!

What is BOSS4SME?

BOSS4SME is an innovative project which aims to improve furniture and home interior sector SMEs competitiveness by developing a new "Online Sales Manager" professional profile. A professional capable of creating e-commerce strategies that increase cross-border sales using Internet as a sales channel. The project platform offers SMEs free personalized training programmes (42 training pills) facilitating the implementation of successful e-Commerce strategies specific to their needs. Learn more: visit our website, watch our videos or see presentations.

The Genie

The BOSS4SME Genie is an automated system with the help of which the "Online Sales Manager" can create his/her own personalised e-Commerce strategy based on the individual characteristics of his/her business. Try it out yourself now! Click here.

Our goals

Offer free personalised training to new "Online Sales Managers" of furniture and household SMEs in order to increase e-Commerce revenue:

  • Achieve 24/7 availability while reducing operational costs;
  • Increase cross-border sales;
  • Expand and retain customer base;
  • Learn about the e-Commerce Dos & Don'ts in the furniture and household sectors;
  • Blend existing and newly acquired knowledge & practices in the sector;
  • Gain competitiveness in a Web-driven world.

Why should I follow this training?

You may wonder "What's in it for me ?". Well, the BOSS4ME platform is especially designed to tackle common e-Commerce related challenges that furniture and household SMEs face on their efforts to create revenue on local markets and abroad.
The training methodology on which the BOSS4SME Genie was developed upon, derived from elaborate research in eight countries - four partners countries and four leading countries in cross-border e-commerce. The research identified the E-Commerce good practices in the furniture and home interiors sector in Europe, which are implemented by leading companies in e-Commerce and with high cross-border traffic of visits in their websites. Based on this information, the project identified the skills and knowledge needed by the "Online Sales Manager" to successfully implement these e-Commerce winning strategies.

Moreover the BOSS4SME training system is ideal for the following reasons:

  • 42 training pills fully customized to the furniture and household sector.
  • All free training material in five European languages (EN, ES, IT, GR, PL).
  • Training material that covers all the e-Commerce stages from Ordering to Promotion.
  • Ability to prioritize and filter e-Commerce practices suited to your needs.
  • Personalised e-Commerce strategy based on your individual characteristics.
  • Multiple e-Commerce related sources of information.