BOSS4SME (Boosting Online cross-border Sales for furniture and household SMEs) will improve the furniture and home interior sector companies competitiveness, by developing a new “Online Sales Manager” professional profile. A professional capable of creating e-Commerce strategies that increase cross-border sales using Internet as a sales channel. It is a two years project (December 2016 – December 2018) co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union  as a Strategic Partnership for vocational training.

BOSS4SME is aimed to SMEs in the furniture and home interior sector – manufacturers and retailers -. It is a very dynamic sector in countries such as Spain and Italy, with a significant number of jobs associated to it. Main project aims are the following:

– Develop a complete online course for the professional profile of “Online Sales Manager“.

– Improve VET providers offer for e-Commerce in furniture and home furnishings.

– Improve the furniture and home furnishings companies competences in online sales.

– Lead SMEs companies to a substantial sales growth through cross-border e-Commerce strategies.


  1. Analysis of the current e-Commerce practices in the participating countries and comparison with leading European e-Commerce countries practices in the sector.
  1. Identification of training and skills needs, and the related opportunities, to implement e-Commerce successful practices.
  1. Elaboration of the necessary training contents to allow the “Online Sales Manager” obtaining the required competences.
  1. Validation of training contents according to ECVET criteria and tools.
  1. Implementation of training contents in an e-learning platform called e-Commerce Genie, which will deliver adapted training paths to users, according to their existing competences, and their companies features and needs.
  1. Organization of different events to present, validate and disseminate the results.

Abridged project workplan:


The partners represent four countries: Spain, Greece, Italy and Poland.

The project participants are: CENFIM – Furnishing Cluster and Innovation Hub as project coordinator, the Spanish furniture business associations AMIC and AMUEBLA, the educational software developer CRYSTAL CLEAR SOFT, the training quality expert EUROCREA MERCHANT and the e-learning developer DANMAR COMPUTERS.

CENFIM (Spain) / Furnishing Cluster and Innovation Hub, project coordinator & VET provider

AMIC (Spain) / Business association – mainly cabinet and bedroom furniture companies –

AMUEBLA (Spain) / Business association – mainly upholstery furniture companies –

CRYSTAL CLEAR SOFT (Greece) / Educational software developer and content provider

EUROCREA MERCHANT (Italy) / Quality assurance and ECVET expert

DANMAR COMPUTERS (Poland) / VET provider in Information Technologies and e-learning developer

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