Danmar Computers is a private company providing vocational training in the field of Information Technology and developing elearning and customised ICT solutions. It deals with: trainings, developing programs and training materials, counselling, designing web pages and mobile applications, web campaigns and e-learning systems. The technical staff has capability to develop any modern web and mobile applications, utilizing database technologies, web servers and application servers. That includes social and cloud services, both from client and server side. Danmar Computers has designed and developed a project management system – AdminProject. It currently is the only product on the market dedicated to the management of European projects.

Besides expertise related to IT area, Danmar has experience of many years of carrying out European Union educational programs including: Progress, Transfer of Innovation, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig Partnerships. Within the framework of the projects employees work on methodologies of research, conduct research, elaborate reports, design curricula and training materials which often are prepared as an answer to the needs of concrete group of people. As natural field of activity of Danmar Computers is the IT sector, the company often creates various IT tools that support project activities (on-line questionnaires, interactive trainings, mobile applications or Internet based dissemination campaigns).

All company’s activities are based on the well-established network of cooperation with domestic and foreign training and counselling organisations, schools, universities, public institutions as well as private sector companies. The activities are directed to various target groups. A significant group of people are young people for whom special training programs are being designed. A special attention is put on those young people that are disadvantaged, which often means that they are unemployed, not in education or training (NEETs).

In summary, Danmar’ mission is promoting life-long education and assuring equal opportunities of access to education for everyone
with the use of modern technology and with innovative training methodologies.

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