BOSS4SME - Boosting Online cross-border Sales for furniture and household SMEs

BOSS4SME, s will develop the European Furniture and household Sector through development of the Online Sales Manager profile, a professional capable of devising e-Commerce strategies for increasing revenues from cross-border sales through utilisation of the Internet as a sales channel.

In order to achieve its goals the project will develop a training path and related tools aiming to equip furniture and household professionals with the right skills to start selling online, especially cross-border and increase online sales revenues by addressing a much bigger audience. The project contributes to the use of learning outcomes in the creation of curricula and educational programmes by aligning project outcomes with the ECVET system.

Even though there are countless VET training opportunities for digital marketing and e-Commerce skills, they are generic, lack personalisation and don’t adequately address hands on implementation in different sectors. Through the project and its tools, practical skills will be developed to contribute to the intelligent online sales strategies specifically for the furniture and household sector.

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