On the finish line: last partnership meeting and ready training cards

In Athens, on May 29th, representatives from all partnering in the BOSS4SME project organisations met for their last management meeting. The meeting was hosted by partner CrystalClearSoft (CCS).

The aim was to discuss project progress and plan steps for implementing the project platform. Time was also devoted on how to evaluate project outputs, as well as to dissemination activities. Partners agreed on deadlines for the planned tasks.

The platform for the furniture &interior design sectors will be made available for users by the end of September. Following this period, partners will conduct multiplier events to share among a wider public all developed in the project results.

The platform will be available in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Polish.

The materials to be implemented on the platform consist of 42 training pills on key aspects of e-Commerce for such type of companies, classified in six thematic areas:
1) ordering,
2) payment,
3) delivery,
4) communication,
5) overall service,
6) promotion.

Please see below what topics our platform will be addressing, as well as for some pictures from our meeting in Athens.

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