EM organized an event on E-commerce and habitat in 3 different sites in Italy to present the BOSS4SME project

In order to reach different people and organization all around the country, Eurocrea Merchant organized three different events in Italy to disseminate the project results of the project BOSS4SME.

One event was organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in Cuneo, where SMEs of the furniture sector attended the event and participated into the topic discussion related to the potential of the e-commerce for the SMEs. Cuneo indeed is an area rich of high-quality SMEs in the furniture sector, and they are close also the French border it was a very interesting area to test and present the potential of the project. The project was also presented in Rome where BOSS4SME platform was presented and tested. It was also taken as a best practice as EU project that can offer strategies of internalization. Finally, the last event was organized in Milan, at the EM headquarter, where relevant stakeholders were invited discover the BOSS4SME Genie, the e-learning platform specific for “online sales managers” of furniture and habitat sector companies.

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