DANMAR organized an event in Rzeszów for the promotion of the BOSS4SME project

On the 22nd of October, the Polish partner – DANMAR COMPUTERS – organized the BOSS4SME promotional event at the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency. The event was attended by 46 participants, including representatives from SMEs (furniture and commerce sectors), training organizations, VET providers and individuals interested in the topic of e-commerce with application in the furniture & interior design sector.

The event served the purpose to present the project in details, including:

  • Learning Outcomes,
  • Training Content,
  • ECVET supporting tools,
  • BOSS4SMEs Learning Environment (LME & GENIE).

Apart from presentations, participants also actively engaged in discussions on the platform use, e-commerce topics and the opportunities for personal development by taking part in the BOSS4SME e-course. Danmar representatives also spoke on the developed by the project partnership 42 specific training units, thus participants received a clear insight into the e-commerce process: order, payment, delivery, communication, general services and promotion.

The good accessibility to the results via the webpage makes it easier for participants to promote the BOSS4SME project among their environments.

Event participants will be informed on any BOSS4SME project updates, upon their request.

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