CENFIM organized an event on E-commerce and habitat in Barcelona as the closing event for the BOSS4SME project

On the 19th of December, CENFIM organized in ACCIÓ – the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Catalan Government – an E-commerce event targeting furniture and habitat companies. The event was attended by more than 50 participants, mainly professionals from small and medium-size companies of the furniture and habitat sectors.

The event was organized in four blocks. First, E-commerce current practices and future trends were presented. Then, there was the presentation of BOSS4SME project and a detailed one of its e-learning platform and its training materials to train “Online sales managers”. The MARMOTA company CEO presented their successful E-commerce case for the beds and mattresses sector. Finally, the event ended with an interesting and lively debate about the E-commerce in the furniture and habitat sectors.

During the event, the BOSS4SME Genie, an e-learning platform specific for “online sales managers” of furniture and habitat sector companies, was presented. This platform creates personalized training paths taking into account user knowledge and the company specific needs. The online course is free and it consists of 42 specific training units for furniture and habitat sectors, and it covers all phases of the E-commerce process: order, payment, delivery, communication, general services and promotion.

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