AMUEBLA organize two E-commerce events and spread the results of BOSS4SME project

The activities were a place to explore and discover the potential of the ‘Online sales manager’ profile with a special focus on furniture and woodworking sector

AMUEBLA (Innovative business association of furniture manufacturers and related in the Murcia Region), in collaboration with CETEM (Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood), organized in Yecla two E-commerce events related to European project BOSS4SME.

First activity took place on February the 1st 2018, which was held in CETEM facilities, and reunited a total of 49 participants who were in their majority businessmen and businesswomen from the Region of Murcia. The main aim of the event was to generate awareness about the BOSS4SMEs Training Program and to highlight the potential of the ‘online sales manager’ as a professional capable of developing strategies and raising incomes in local, national or international markets.

Second occasion was on November the 20th 2018, when AMUEBLA arranged two workshops: one was celebrated at José Luis Castillo Puche High School, a recognized VET provider; and the other was held at CETEM. 40 attendees coming from different sectors and VET students in their majority were introduced to the final results of BOSS4SMEs project. Those events were partly a professional conference and partly a workshop where the participants could prove Genie online tool.

BOSS4SME partnership has developed Genie as a platform that creates strategies taking into account the specific need of users. The online course is free and it is compound of 42 training pills covering all phases of E-commerce process such as order, payment, delivery, communication, general services and promotion; all of personalized for the furniture and woodworking sector.


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